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History Essence Statement


At Albany Infants and Albany Juniors, we teach History by meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum. We aim to achieve this by teaching knowledge and skills through high quality sequences of lessons which are designed to help pupils develop their understanding. We achieve this by:


  • Providing practical, real-life experiences, where possible, to promote discovery and fascination and encourage children to ask questions.
  • Encouraging children to make comparisons and form their own opinions using their understanding of key vocabulary to discover their immediate, local and world history.
  • Understanding chronology and how the passing of time has effected daily life and its challenges.
  • Developing an understanding of the significance of past events and leaders and how they influence and impact current life.
  • Gathering and examining evidence, thinking critically about reliability and drawing their own conclusions.


Teaching is designed to take account of our five key curriculum drivers with skills and knowledge taken from our progression documents to ensure age appropriate content. Where appropriate, links are also made to ensure that children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is enhanced through History.

Curriculum Overview

History Progression