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Sports Day

Sports Day is a great day at Albany Junior School.


It shows and demonstrates so many positive aspects of our pupils and our school.


Relationships - supporting not only pupils in the same colour team but also supporting other teams


Resilience - not giving up and crossing the finish line for your team


Respect - watching and cheering on their team mates and other pupils, listening to adults in their team and listening to the member/s of staff on the start line, showing good attitudes to all people attending the event


Risk - trying a new event that a pupil hasn't done before



Responsibility - listening to rules and guidelines of the events taking place



On Wednesday the 12th July, we celebrated our delayed, revised sports day. All the children gathered on the field in their teams to cheer on their house team. The children had a fantastic afternoon, enjoyed in the sun, rain and wind. Yes! We had all the weather!