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Fun and Learning Links

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Art Attack What can you create? 

Ask Kids Search engine for kids

Birmingham Museum Travel back in time.


Fun SATS revision.

cBBC Catch up with the gang from cBBC!

Childline Someone to help you 24 hours a day.

CiTV Catch up with the gang from CiTV.

Creating Music Become an online Musician!

Cyberwhizz Online ICT lessons for kids

Discovery Maths Get help with your maths homework

Eco Explorer How eco-friendly are you?

F9 Kids Lots of fun games.

Fact Monster Get help with your homework

Giggle Poetry Have a giggle at these funny poems!

Greek Myths

Learn about serpents and gods.

Grid Club Get some help with your homework.

Guinness World Records Find out about some amazing records!

Healthy Eating Find out about eating healthily.

Hello World Learn a new language.

Kids Click

Kids search engine

Map Zone Practice your map skills.

Maths Magician

Great games to practice your maths skills.

National Geographic Kids Find out about the world

Purple Mash

Login to Purple Mash here

Santa's Workshop

Help Santa and the Elves get ready for Christmas.

Space Spelling Hangman Can you beat the alien?

Stapleford Netball Club Our local Netball team

Stapleford Villa Football Club Our local football team

Think U Know?

Do you know how to stay safe online?

Time For Kids Find out about the world

Topmarks Advice for parents about homework

Woodlands Junior

Activities and games for all subjects and ages.