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Welcome to Holly


We are a class of Year 5 pupils, there are 25 of us in total. Our class teacher is Ms Rawson. Mrs Wright teaches us on a Monday,Thursday and Friday afternoon. We are also supported by Miss Hingley and Mr Mapplebeck.


Currently we are learning about World War II. Our book this term is 'Rose Blanche', by Christopher Gallaz. In wartime Germany, Rose Blanche witnesses the mistreatment of a little boy, and follows the truck that takes him to a camp. Secretly, Rose Blanche brings him and other children food


During the topic we will be learning about the countries, who were involved in the war, and their leaders. Discovering what it was like for children during this period of history. Considering the impact of the war on those people who were evacuee's, alongside other important aspects of this era, such as rationing and the Blitz. 


A visit to the National Holocaust Centre and Museum is also planned.


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