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Welcome to 5D!


In 5D, we have 30 children. Mrs Dove is the class teacher and Mr Still works in our class in the mornings. We move into smaller groups for all English lessons and for our Independent Writes. The adults who are in charge of each group are: Miss Ottowell, Mrs Dove, Mr Still, Mrs Limb and Mrs Talts. Throughout the year, the children will have some specialist teachers in the afternoon for Music, Spanish and PE.


PE Days are a Monday and a Friday for 5D (these are different from 5O). Please check in your partnership book for a list of appropriate PE uniform. This is to be worn to school on the day - we are no longer getting changed at school.




We have a brand new list of 100 words to learn now that we are in Year 5! Please learn a few of these each week as you will be tested on them. We will also continue to test the children on the Year 3/4 list of 100 words which they should already know. 


Each week we will provide the children with a set of spellings for them to learn. Please encourage your child to keep learning their spellings as there will be weekly spelling tests.


Times tables

Children should continue to learn their times tables up to 12x12. If they are confident with these, it would be great to learn the division facts too. Each morning we practice our times tables and at the end of the week we have a times table test on the specific table we have been learning. 



Some suggested websites to help:




Reading helps to develop and improve your vocabulary and imagination too. We expect you to read at least three times each week. Each time you read an adult needs to record this in your partnership book. If you read three times in one week, you will be rewarded with a hot chocolate from Starbooks!