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World Water Day activities

Here are some other ideas for activities linked to World Water Day:

  • Create a water diary, to understand the importance of water.

        For one day, write down all the water or fluids you consume and, if         

        possible, all of the water your family use during the day.  Think about 

        your entries in detail, e.g. do you leave the tap on whilst brushing your

        teeth? How long do you spend in the shower; how many glasses of water

        do you drink?

  • Watch a water documentary.

    BBC’s Blue Planet – Let David Attenborough take you on a journey of the world’s oceans, food chains, and the underwater life of aquatic creatures.

  • Create a poster, linked to World Water Day.

         You could focus on the importance of saving water or the importance

         of everyone having access to clean water.