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The whole school house system has been developed to promote a positive and inclusive culture at Albany Junior School. The system is designed to create a caring and supportive environment where all students are welcome and valued and can demonstrate loyalty and allegiance while contributing to the success of their house.


How do children earn points?


  • 1 point for behaviour demonstrated in the classroom
  • 2 points for behaviour demonstrated in the playground or moving around school
  • 3 points for achievement beyond or outside of school
  • 5 points for being awarded the weekly attendance cup
  • 10 points if rewarded as seen fit by Mrs Goffin/Miss Hubert/Mrs Marshall
  • In line with the current Good to Be Green policy, children will be awarded 2 points for each day they stay green and 12 points if they are green all week.
  • House Points will also be awarded throughout the year in competitions such as sport, cross-curricular challenges, enterprise challenges and many more.

Our houses

Each week, the scores are updated and celebrated across our school

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