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Starbooks is changing for the Summer term. If you read 3 times a week at home, you will receive an ice cream at break time on Friday morning! The more you read, the more toppings you can add. If you read every week, you will get an ice cream and a milkshake on the final week!

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Have a look at the most recent award winning books. Which ones interest you?

10 Top Tips For Parents To Support Children To Read

50 reads challenge

A new reading challenge is being launched soon. Each year group will have 50 recommended reads that you can select as your reading book. Your challenge is to read as many of these as you can in a year, to earn yourself rewards. Try books that you wouldn't normally read. There are lots of fantastic books for you to choose. Who's up for the challenge?

Have a look at the books that you could be reading!

Have a look at what we have been doing in school to celebrate reading

World Book Day 2022

This year was the 25th anniversary of World Book Day! Hopefully, you managed to get your free book, using your World Book Day token. 




We found out more about some of the authors and where they got their ideas from.

Year 3 work all about Roald Dahl

Year 4 created books based on 'The Getaway' by Ed Vere.

Year 5 created non-fiction books about rainforests.

Year 6 created books all about World War 2.

Pyjamarama day

We celebrated pyjamarama day by coming to school dressed in our pyjamas! Everyone had a great day and took part in book making activities. Our book sale was really popular.

National Poetry Day


To celebrate National Poetry Day on 1st October, we held a poetry morning. Each year group explored poems written by famous poets such as Edward Lear, Kit Wright, Michael Rosen, Wilfred Owen and Allan Ahlberg. We found out about poetry techniques, including rhyme, personification and similes. To end the morning, everyone had a go at writing their own poems, inspired by a famous poets. Have a look at some of the amazing work in the pictures below.


Year 3 - The Magic Box (Kit Wright)

Year 4 - Don't (Michael Rosen)

Year 5 - The Owl and the Pussy Cat (Edward Lear)

Year 6 - Please Mrs Butler (Allan Ahlberg)