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Welcome to our Class page.


We are 3R

Miss Richards is our class teacher. 

During the week we also work with Mr West and Mrs Walker.

Summer Term


This term our topic is all about Fairtrade.

Our book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we will be using this to help us with our writing in English. 


Useful links:


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Chocolate Day

Spring Term

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Throughout Spring Term, 3R will be learning about how the Roman's invaded and settled. We are keen to get 'hands on' and use our creative side to design and make Roman sandals.


Image result for roman sandals

Here are a few useful links that we will be using in school to reserach the Romans:


Autumn Term

Our topic for the Autumn Term is 'Stone Age to Iron Age'.

We will do a lot of work around a book based on the Stone Age called Boy by James Mayhew.


As part of our topic, you will be learning about the lifestyle of people from the Stone Age and how things they invented help us in the present day.