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Year 4 News

This week we had our Mayan day on Tuesday, it was very exciting! We met an explorer and learnt a lot about where the Maya Civilisation come from, the climate, animals, religion and so much more! We even had the opportunity to dress up as Mayan Gods!

In English, we have started a new-unit writing folktales and have looked at the features of the Mayan folktale ‘The Chocolate Tree’ and have planned out our own versions to write next week. In Art, we have been researching about Mayan masks, as we will be creating our own later in the term.

We are studying animals and their habitats in Science now and this week we have looked at the seven life processes that define a living thing.

We have also resumed our Spanish lessons for this half term and have been learning about Spanish colours.

We start swimming on Monday, so make sure you bring your swimming kit and do not wear earrings on swimming days.