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Year 6 Enterprise – Wildthing Summer Camp

Pupils in Year 6 are continuing to raise funds for their summer camp, which is due to take place on Monday 23rd July and Tuesday 24th July. During the remainder of this term, pupils will be running a number of events to continue their fundraising efforts.

These are as follows:-


1. Dress Down Friday – On Friday 18th May Year 6 pupils will be allowed to attend school in PJ’s/onesies. For a fee of £1 they can enjoy the day in their most comfy attire in recognition of their hard work during SATs week.


2. Small Change Challenge – From Tuesday 8th May, pupils in 6G and 6T will compete in the Small Change Challenge. Pupils are asked to collect and donate whatever small change they can spare. A container will be placed in each classroom. The class raising the most money by the time the containers are counted on Friday 29th June 2018, will win themselves a non-uniform day.


3. Ice-Cream Sale – On Friday 11th May, during afternoon break pupils are able to purchase an ice-cream. These will be sold for £1. Any surplus ice-creams will be available to purchase at the end of the school day.

Many thanks to everyone who purchased an ice-cream. The sale made £105.10