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Year 5 News

It has been a lovely week in Year 5 this week.  In English, we finally got the chance to have our debate about who would have made the best King of England after the death of Edward the Confessor.  Everyone took part and it was so lovely to see the children speak so passionately and use evidence they had gained from their topic lessons to support their points.  In Science, we have learnt about different ways the seeds of a plant can be dispersed.  On Thursday, we welcomed parents in to the class for one of our Rainbow Grammar sessions, focusing on non-finite clauses.  As always, it was lovely to have so many of you come and take such an interest in what your children are doing in school.  They really do love it when you come! 


Next week will be a little different in school as we are having a focus on mental health and wellbeing and will be completing our RE unit for the term.  


Please see the spelling list for next week below.