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Year 5 News

We have had a brilliant week in Year 5.  We have been exploring Shakespear's Macbeth and writing a letter from Macbeth's point of view when he met the three witches.  In maths, we have been looking at negative numbers and identifying missing number in a sequence.  On Thursday, we went to Wollaton Hall as part of our Tudor unit.  We learnt about what life would have been like in a Tudor kitchen and how valuable spices were during the Tudor times.  We all then made a piece of our own 'treasure' that represented a Tudor Pomander which was used to help block out bad smells.  We also learnt about Tudor textiles and had a go at designing and making our own dresses.  Thanks to the beautiful weather, we had a lovely picnic on the grass at the back of Wollaton Hall.  It was a brilliant day and all the children were fantastic!