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Year 4 News

In Year 4, the children have been learning more about the Egyptians and know there was a hierarchy of importance. Slaves were the least important and had an array of manual, difficult jobs to do. The Pharaoh was the most important and was supported by his Vizier. It was also discovered that when Pharaoh's died they were buried in a tomb of treasures and most of these tombs were robbed by tomb robbers seeking for riches. The penalty for discovery was death! We have also designed our own Shaduf.

In Science, we have experimented with how bile from the gall bladder disperses fat so it easier to digest, using water and washing up liquid and learned about Pavlov, who became famous for his work on the digestive system of dogs.

And, very excitingly, we have started to practice some songs for the Christmas performance with Mrs Wooley.