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Year 4 News

This week our English lessons have had a grammar focus, we practised writing in the present perfect tense, using subordinate clauses and including prepositional phrases to make our writing more detailed and interesting. We then wrote an advertisement in our Independent Writing lesson on London.  We have done a lot of work on money this week and have been working out how to add and subtract with pence and pounds. For our topic lesson this week, we completed a field study of our local area along Pasture Road and Derby Road, looking at housing and businesses and have discussed how and why both roads are similar and different. We had Spanish on Thursday and have done more work on asking how people are in conversation and describing our feelings and the reason why. Next week, it is test week and we will also be having lots of fun quizzes in the afternoons across the wider curriculum subjects. We will be going to the Library again on Thursday afternoon (11th July), so make sure you bring along any books to be returned. If there are any parents that are able to come along with us, please let Mrs Marshall or Mrs Stephenson know as help would be greatly appreciated.