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Year 4 News

What  a busy week! 

We have learned all about Edmund Hillary- the first man to summit Mount Everest with his sherpa, writing a biography about him. We got to  go to Clip n Climb to be mountaineers ourselves and the excitement- the staff there said all the staff said all the children were polite and engaging 🙂


Additionally, we have been studying our RE unit- all about pilgrimages to different places in the world for different religions. As it has been Mental Health week, we have also been investigating how we can feel good and happy and ways to manage stress. The MyHappyMInd work has supported this.


Happy holidays- we made it. After half term, swimming will start on a Monday afternoon on the second week back (26th Feb) and continues until Easter. I have enough parents for 26th Feb but need one additional one for 4th March,11th March and 18th and 25th March. Please see Mrs Marshall if you can help as it can sometimes get confusing when some tell the office and I don't receive the message.


The first week back - PE kit should be worn on the Monday but it is Mayan Day on the Tues so we won't be doing PE.


Have a great week - I am hoping it doesn't rain every day!!!