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Year 4 News

After last week’s amazing theatre trip to watch Cinderella at the Nottingham Playhouse, Year 4 were amazing as performers themselves in our Christmas carol concert at St Helen’s Church on Thursday. Their hard work and practice really paid off! On Wednesday we also had our science parent workshop where we found out results of our experiment into which liquids/drinks are most harmful to our enamel and why. Thank you to all the parents that came with us to the church on Thursday and attended our parent workshop on Wednesday, it is very much appreciated. After our theatre trip, our English lessons have been linked to Cinderella and have learnt that there are many versions of the story of Cinderella, even dating back to Ancient Egyptian times so we have been working towards writing our own version of Cinderella linked to our current topic of South Africa. In Maths, we have finished our unit on Area and have done extremely well with this, we have also looked at negative numbers and next week will be working out the difference of temperatures etc. That will include negative numbers. Have a great weekend!