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Year 4 News

This week has been exciting for year 4 to get back to work. We have described Egyptian settings and described the characters in a story from Ancient Egypt- Osiris and Seth. We will be working up to write our own stories with a hero and a villain next week. In Maths, Place Value is our first unit. Science continued by investigating the function of saliva with a cracker experiment (the longer the cracker stays on our tongue, the softer it gets) and discovering that washing up liquid helps break down vegetable oil like enzymes in the liver break down fats in our food. 

Music was rather noisy but we enjoyed playing a rhythm with quavers and crotchets on percussion instruments. We have learned that Ancient Egyptian society had a hierarchy where the Pharaoh was the most important and slaves were the least important. We learned that the shaduf was an Ancient Egyptian water moving device! We will be designing and making our own in the coming weeks.