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Year 4 News

This week has flown with it only being 4 days but we have been as busy as usual. We have been planning and beginning to write our own stories based on Cressida Cowell's 'How to Train Your Dragon " and have continued to read the Anglo-Saxon saga of Beowulf. In Science, we were able to experiment with Scientific electrical components (wires, bulbs, cells and batteries) in order to make a circuit. Linking to this in DT, torches have been studied- their purpose, the different types, when they may be used and what their casings are like and why. We will be making our version of a torch in a few weeks. The children have been asked to think about what they want their casing to be like. They have studied nets and so could use card, however is there something you have at home that they could use? A kitchen roll, plastic bottle etc...

Have a lovely extra Bank holiday weekend.