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Year 4 Latest News

This week has been an exciting week for Year 4. On Monday, we journeyed back in time and met a Viking, who shared with us the history of the Viking period from their invasion in the late 700s and defeat in 1066 at the Battle of Stamford near York not long before The Battle of Hastings in the south (when the Normans took control). We were able to touch artefacts such as swords and axes (that had been blunted) and wear chainmail. As well as this, we played a Viking game with shields and a ball, ground wheat and also spent time in the woods building our homes (den building). It was truly a fantastic but exhausting day (for the teachers and parent helpers too! The following day, we made our Viking necklaces from string and wire. As well as this, we have been learning about the invasion at Lindesfarne and have been writing a newspaper article reporting on it.