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Year 3 News

Another really busy week in Year 3 and I am sure the highlight for most has been our Stone Age Day, Thank you to all the staff and children for getting stuck in.  The children learnt how to make some shelters, learnt how to create fire using flint and steel similar to the stone age people would have. They also got to draw on some cave walls, make some little models and dig for fossils. They even got to listen to stories around a fire in Mrs Cave’s Cave and write their own stories using pictures, just like the stone age people did. In between all the fun it was brilliant to see the children make so many links between all their learning in class and what they were doing, pictures will go up on the class page. We have also started planning our newspapers using all our fabulous work from the past few weeks in English. And in Maths we have started our new topic of addition and subtraction. Hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you may be up to. Don’t forget times tables and spellings practice.