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Year 3 News

Wow what a busy week, with Harvest Festival, Poetry day and our Parent Workshop. In Maths we have continued to learn place value and how we order numbers to 1000 we even tested our skills on ‘Blooket’. In English we have continued to write sentences that will go towards our newspapers reporting on the discovery of fire. On Poetry Day our chairs decided that they had had enough and they went on strike, so Year 3 got together to write poems to ask for the chairs to return from strike and they also performed their poetry. We will post the poems and some of the reactions to this day. Thank you to parents that came to our reading workshop we stepped into the characters footsteps of one of our class books ‘the wild girl’ and the children asked some brilliant questions. We hope you have a restful weekend as next week is our Stone Age Day, we can’t wait to see all the children dressed up and immersed into the Stone Age world.