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Y6 Enterprise Update

Year 6 are continuing to raise money for their summer camp on Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th July. 


So far we have raised: £666.96

Amount left to raise: £1221.04


Money raised so far:


Pamper Hamper (Dec '18) £108.70
Valentine Face Paint (Feb '19) £10.00
Easter Egg Raffle (April '19) £95.00
Smartie Challenge £252.94
6H Small change Challenge


6G Small change Challenge £40.77
Dress Down Friday (Y6 post SATs) £77.10
Sweet Sale  £40.10


New events added....

Dakota, who raised the most money for the Smartie Challenge - a staggering £77, has earned herself a non-uniform day. As part of her reward, she has suggested, that everyone who has contributed to the Smartie Challenge, can also have a non-uniform day.


Therefore, Friday 28th June, will be a non-uniform day for Y6 pupils who have contributed to the Smartie Challenge. But don't panic, if you haven't handed yours in yet....there is still time. Non-uniform will be permitted for all pupils, who's money has been received by the office - no later than 3:30pm on Thursday 27th June. 


Friday 28th June - Y6 will be holding a cake sale at morning break for the whole school.


Week beginning 1st July - Face Painting (hopefully to coincide with the Semi-finals of the Women's World Cup)


Friday 12th July - Y6 will be holding a cake sale at morning break for the whole school.