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Teacher Updates 17/9/20

Year 3 this week have started their fitness campaign in PE. Their objective is to get fitter and faster, and also to sustain stamina in their running. We hope they will all go for a walk this weekend, and maybe try a do little bit of a run, so that next week we can compare their timings.


Mrs Wright 3W & Miss Mercer 3M


Year 4 have had a great week getting back into normal lessons and have been working really hard in English and Maths. We also started our topic on Ancient Egypt and in Science we've started looking at the digestive system - 4H have done really well at naming all of the body parts in our digestive system. 


Miss Hyde 4H


In 5M this week, we have started our topic on America and have learned that there are 23 countries in North America.

 Linking to this topic, we have now started to read the book ‘Holes’ and are looking forward to discovering what happens to Stanley at Camp Green Lake and why he is there.

In Art, we have investigated sculptures and are looking forward to designing our own next week.


Mrs Marshall 5M


5W have blown us away with the presentation of their work in their maths and English books this week. They are now researching about Henry Moore ready for creating sculptures.....coming soon!


Mrs Cave & Miss Woolley 5W


It has been a lovely week in year 6.  On Monday, the children were put into their teaching groups and we have made a great start to our English and maths units.  In English, we have been recapping Rainbow Grammar and have been describing odd looking creatures.  We have continued reading the Odyssey and have been learning about its origins and the history of Ancient Greece.  


Miss Hubert 6H & Mrs Tivey 6T