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Parent Code of Conduct

Parents, Carer and Visitor Code of Conduct


At Albany Junior school our vision is that children, staff, governors and parents work in partnership to create an inspirational learning environment where individuals are given the tools to reach their full potential. With this in mind we welcome and encourage parents and carers participation in school life.


We have 5 core values or 5Rs which we expect of our children, parents, staff, governors and other visitors. These are –

Showing respect

Building positive relationships

Developing resilience

Being prepared to take a risk

Taking responsibility for everything we do


The purpose of this code of conduct is to ensure everyone knows what is expected of them so that we can continue to provide a safe and positive school environment for all our children. These expectations clearly reflect our 5Rs.




As well as the guidance set out in the Home School Agreement, which is inside your child's partnership book, we have the following expectations -


  • Show respect for everyone at Albany Juniors by using appropriate language (no swearing or language which others might find offensive) and displaying appropriate behaviour.
  • Show respect for the school environment at all times. Please do not smoke (including e-cigarettes), drop litter, bring pets onto our site or drink alcohol when in school or in the school grounds
  • Reinforce the school’s high expectations of  your children (behaviour, homework and school uniform) whilst in school and on your journey to and from school
  • Parking considerately will ensure we continue to have positive relationships with our neighbours
  • Be respectful of all school staff and our children at all times. If you need to sort an issue do this in an appropriate manner going through the office not side doors
  • Please be respectful when making comments about school or school staff on social media. We usually see these and will always challenge anything we think is inappropriate or untrue.
  • Whilst attending school events, please show respect and help us to maintain good relationships by not taking photos of other people’s children. If this does happen, delete them or keep them for your own use rather than sharing images on social media. We have children in school whose identity we need to protect.
    Monitoring of the Code of Conduct
    School will display this code of conduct on the website, around school and each parent will receive a copy. Where we feel that our code of conduct has been breached we will challenge adults in the first instance in an informal way. However, further issues may lead to the Headteacher and Governors asking an adult not to come onto the school site. This would be confirmed in writing from the Chair of Governors and Head Teacher.