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How we teach British Values

You may have been reading in the press and hearing on the news about the drive to embed British Values of tolerance, equality, diversity, respect for criminal and civil law, democracy and freedom. This list is not exhaustive but it gives you a flavour. We already offer a wide range of learning experiences for our children which help to embed these values so that children are ready for the next stage in their education.


Staff have recently audited our current provision and the results of this audit will be published in the coming days on this website for your information. To add to your child's learning experience and to that of all our staff (teachers, teaching assistants, office staff, cleaners and catering staff) we are all undergoing a training programme from the Achievement and Equality team from Notts County Council.


We have set aside staff meetings for training in Anti-Racist Education, Homophobic Bullying and also Female Genital Mutilation and Child Sexual Exploitation. Your children will have a series of workshops in the Spring and Summer terms which I will write about in more detail next term.


There has also been a suggestion that we run some coffee mornings and evenings with training opportunities for parents in the new curriculum. If you have any suggestions please email the school at