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Governor Report on Girls' Football Tournament

So yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of watching the Albany Girls play football.

They went into the tournament with no previous match practice, a real mix of ages and little idea of the challenge that lay ahead.

With little or no game or club experience between them they went up against players from well established clubs and some having played for academy setups.

And they were brilliant, they played with each other and for each other. No one gave up and no one let anyone down.

There were moments of good passing and link ups, strong challenges and brave blocks. Great bravery, amazing saves and dazzling runs.

I know that some will move on but what a great start.  It would be fantastic if they could carry on because with more practice and more games they could stand a real chance of making a semi final next year.

All the girls were a real credit to Albany. The sportsmanship and kindness they showed to teammates and opponents was brilliant.

Super afternoon and well done Albany Girls.