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Year 3

Year 3 Home learning

As you are aware, Year 3 are currently studying Italy as their topic. We have sent home a booklet on Italy to be completed. The science topic is all about Magnets and Forces. 


We have included some activities you can download below, and they also have a parent guide with them. We have given your child an empty book today to complete any downloaded work. We would advise you to do about an hour of Maths, an hour of English and an hour of another subject per day. This does not have to be an hour at all one time it can be broken down into 20 min sessions.  Please hear your child read each day and question them about the book they are reading. Try to get your child outside for exercise (like a walk) for at least half an hour a day.

We thank you for your continued support at this sensitive time.

Mrs Wright and Miss Mercer