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Week 2

Week beginning 27.04.20

Independent writing opportunity from 'A Starter for Ten'


“Cool, look at this!” said Anna. Sauntering over, Abbie replied, “Uurgh, that’s gross!” But both girls were transfixed.  They stared with their noses right up against the glass. “What do you think it is?” asked Abbie? “Dunno, do you think it’s an alien?” said Anna. 
There was a faint tap against the glass.  So quiet neither girl could be sure they actually heard it.  They certainly heard the second tap, quickly jumping back as the third tap smashed the glass! The creature hissed, moving like it had just woken up, stretching. 
Piercing screams filled the room as they raced away. 


Question time:
1. What do you think the creature is?  Why do you think this?

2. Why do you think the girls were transfixed by the creature?

3. Who do you think had put the creature in the glass?  Where did they find it?

4. Why do you think the creature hissed?  Do you think it will make any other sounds?  What could they be?

5. What do you think that the creature will do, now that it is free?

6. What do you think that the girls will do?  Who might they tell?  How? 
Be a detective.


Many weird and wonderful creatures are found at the bottom of the sea.  What is the strangest you can find? Glass was first used 4000 years ago!  What was it used for? The Cassini space craft may have found life in our solar system.  What did it discover? The Marianas Trench is the deepest point on Earth.  Where is it?  How deep is it? 

The Creature in the glass

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