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Spring term

Spring 1

During the first half term, our topic in Science is States of Matter.


We will be learning about different materials and the state that they are in. Solids, liquids and gases have different properties, allowing them to move in different ways.


How is a solid different to a gas? How could we describe the movement of a liquid?


We will take part in experiments to find out which materials melt the quickest, helping us to to learn about the melting points. Metals have higher melting points and some need a temperature of over 1000 degrees celcius!


Why doesn't the sea disappear? What happens to puddles? Why do the windows steam up?

We will learn about evaporation and condensation before linking these processes to the water cycle.


We explored the melting points of different materials.

Spring 2


During this half term, our work will be based on 'Living things and their habitats.'


How do we know that something is living?

How can we identify and sort living things?

Why are animals suited to specific habitats?

How do humans affect the habitats of living things?