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Transporting Water and Nutrients



This week, you will be finding out how water and nutrients are transported around the body. Your work on digestion from Year 4 will be recapped too.

Find out about the different nutrients that our bodies need.

Activities to choose from:

Use the information provided and your own research to understand the purpose of nutrients.


  • Make a table showing the nutrients, their purpose and the foods in which they are found.

  • Design a healthy menu for a day’s food, showing how the food gives the range of nutrients required.

  • Make a book or a computer-based presentation about the nutrients and their purposes.

  • Choose all or part of the Digestive System, including the purposes of nutrients, and produce a poster or leaflet, which promotes the importance of a healthy diet.

  • Choose one of the nutrients and research in more detail the foods in which it is found, what happens to it in the body, and its importance for staying healthy. If you choose minerals or vitamins, you might just choose one mineral (e.g. calcium) or one vitamin (e.g. Vitamin C). How can you present your learning?