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Dance Enrichment

As part of the whole school enrichment programme Miss Yates and Miss Richards are leading a dance workshop. During these sessions, children are learning how to control and isolate different parts of their body and combine movements to create a dance routine. There is also a strong focus on the children understanding how and why we exercise. This enrichment programme attempts to give the children a number of independent exercises they can use at home and encourage children to take an active role in maintaining their level of fitness.

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Arts & Crafts Enrichment

The children working with Miss Wing, Miss Ottowell and Mrs Ellis will be learning new skills in various areas of arts and crafts.

Miss Wing’s group will be using water colours and making a Christmas package. Whilst Miss Ottowell and Mrs Ellis’ group will learn how to sew and knit. They will learn how to use different stitches before making a product.

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One of the groups is a music group led by Miss Stones and Miss Woolley. The session is split into two halves, one instrumental and one singing. During the instrumental session, the children all learnt different parts of an orchestral arrangement. They split into small groups and chose different instrument such as; xylophones, glockenspiels, percussion, boomwhackers and recorders. They rehearsed separately and then came together for a mini performance. In the singing session the children started learning a pop medley, and in the first session focused on Trouble by Taylor Swift. For the rest of this term they are going to continue learning different pieces and songs and are aiming for a mini performance at the end of the Autumn term.

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Basketball Enrichment

This term Miss Bradley, Mrs. Wright and Mr. Robertson have been working with two groups looking at how children can successfully play the game of basketball. In our sessions we have considered a variety of basic skills to control the ball, moving with the ball, defending, making tactical choices and also playing the game as part of a team. The children are working towards a mini-tournament and also an after-school club next term. This in turn will lead to the Mini-Basketball tournament at George Spencer in March.