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I hope you are managing to access the work ok.  As we are now starting the Summer term, you should be trying to get back in to the routine of completing one English activity a day. 


On this page, you will find a story starter that would be a brilliant opportunity for you to practise your independent writing  you can even submit your work on the website following the link below. 


You will also find a writing pack linked to a text and a website with plenty of interactive English activities that you can be getting on with.  

Week beginning 20.04.20

Independent writing opportunity from 'A Starter for Ten'


Max was patient, he had to be.  Nothing in this world moved quickly, however much he wished that it would.  He’d learnt to wait. 
Max knew his contact would meet him under the bridge, sometime before midnight. 
The cry of a seagull, the splash of an oar cutting through the river, broke the silence.  Max watched a boat drift serenely into the shore beside him. 
A casual nod from the oarsman was all Max needed.  Nonchalantly, he stepped on board.  No words were exchanged.  As the boat edged away, Max wrapped his coat tighter. 
Silently, they disappeared into the mist.


Vocabulary challenge: 

1. What do the words ‘serenely’ and ‘nonchalantly’ mean?

2. Why might Max and his contact want to meet near to midnight?

3. Why don’t you think that Max and the oarsman spoke to each other?

4. What might be on the other side of the river, that Max is travelling towards?

5. It says that ‘nothing in this world moved quickly’, Is Max from this world?  If not, how might he have got here? 


Be a detective. 
Find out about the history of bridges.  When were the 1st wooden, stone and metal bridges built? Try to build a bridge from spaghetti or rolls of paper, how high, or wide, can you build it? Find out about a famous bridge.  How was it built? How tall, or long, is it?  Does it break any records? Find out how to make a paper boat, how long can it stay afloat? Research when the 1st boats were made? What were they made from?  How have their designs changed? 




Under the bridge

Out of the Darkness activity booklet

Classroom Secrets


The classroom secrets website has a great selection of interactive activities for you to be completing.  You will have to create a login but it is all completely free whilst we are all in isolation.