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A meeting was held for parents on Tuesday 29th September to outline the changes in the assessment process. During the meeting parents were informed of the implications of the new curriculum, how pupils would be assessed in school and the changes to the end of key stage 2 assessments. Supporting documents are available through the link below.

The government would like all parents to be able to understand the achievements of their child. They are in the process of changing the school curriculum. Some year groups began using the new curriculum in 2014. All year groups are now using this new way of assessing children.


As part of the government’s efforts to ensure parents understand the achievements of their child compared to other children of a similar age, children will now be assessed as working at age related expectations.


Where pupils are not achieving this level of expectation, such pupils will be considered to be working  below age related expectations. Whilst some pupils will be exceeding this level of expectation. These pupils are considered to be working above age related expectations.


In the New Curriculum more is required of the children in each year group and so fewer children are now working at above age expectations than previously.


The government would like schools to concentrate on ensuring that children are thinking deeply about their learning in each year rather than moving on to the next set of skills.

SATs Information - Parents Workshop 16th March 2018