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Apply to be a 'Rights and Respecting Ambassador' for Albany Junior School

Before we entered Lockdown, Albany Juniors was beginning the process of becoming a 'Rights and Respecting School'

At this stage we only have 2 children who have earned the title of 'Rights and Respecting Ambassadors' and will form a steering group to help lead the school to the award.

My aim is to have 2 children from each class to be part of this steering group and to also become ambassadors.

The role of the ambassadors will be:

  • To help make sure everyone in school is aware of their rights
  • To ensure the whole school is aware of the rights respecting school award
  • To take the lead in developing and delivering the school rights respecting action plan
  • To feedback to the school community about progress
  • To plan and organise charity events
  • To prepare evidence of your hard work for the award assessment (and meet with the assessors)


Being a Rights Respecting Ambassador is a very important role. You will have the full support of teaching staff and will be lead by Miss Weatherall to help achieve our goals.


If you would like to be a part of this then here are some ideas on how you can apply.

  • Write a letter to Miss Weatherall explaining why you would be a good choice for this role.
  • Create a poster showing the qualities you would offer as an ambassador
  • Create a presentation about the rights of children to show your knowledge on the subject.

Any other creative ideas for applying are welcome, as long as they mention your name, your class and why you would make a good ambassador.

You can e-mail in your entries or simply bring them to school once we come back.

I am looking forward to seeing them.

Good luck.

Miss Weatherall