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12th February


Time for a holiday! 


When we come back to school after the half-term break, we will be starting a new topic about the rain-forest. There is a knowledge organiser for you to look at in the Topic folder at the bottom of these class pages. In science, we will be continuing to learn about life-cycles, including the life-cycle of humans. There is some information about this in the knowledge organisers about living things and humans in the science folder. In maths, we will be looking at the perimeter and area of shapes. We will be going into some more detail about online safety in our computing lessons. 


We hope  you have a great break. See you soon....

15th January


We have started to learn about the life cycle of a flowering plant. Today, some of us dissected lily flowers.

14th January


We listened to 'The Storm' today by a composer called Gioachino Rossini.


It is a kind of music that is called 'programme music.'



Programme music describes a picture or 'tells a story'. The descriptive idea or story-line is known as the programme.

This week we have been learning about the musical term:   OSTINATO 


An Ostinato is a continuously repeated musical pattern.


Ostinato…….not a tomato!





We listened to a section of 'Mars' by the composer Gustav Holst. 


It has an rhythmic ostinato.

This is the ostinato that plays in 'Mars.'

5th January


Welcome back to school 5W, whether it's in the classroom or on-line! Over the next few weeks, we are going to be learning about the life-cycles of plants in science and the Normans in history. In maths, we will be starting off with problems to do with area and perimeter. 

17th December


We have been finding out about the effects of air resistance on parachutes of different sizes. Here is Kiran in the testing stage.

3rd December


The children have created some lovely Indus Valley jewellery. They'll be painting it in the next week or so.

As part of World Children’s day on 20th November, Ben and Chloe, 5W’s Albany ambassadors, prepared and taught a lesson about refugees and about how to raise issues through letter writing. Ben and Chloe helped other children with their work and answered lots of questions. Well done!

What happens to the crater when we drop a ball into flour from different heights?

29th October


We will be returning to school in just a few days. Here are some of the things we will be doing when we go back. Our topic will be the Indus Valley and in science we will be learning about Forces. You can find knowledge organisers about these in the folders at the bottom of the page. In maths, we will be learning about statistics.


Do you know what statistics are? Can you find out?


We will be getting going with some computing work on Thursday afternoons, starting with spreadsheets and internet safety.

Can you think of where these simple machines are used in everyday life?

7th October


There has been quite a mess this week with modroc everywhere! Our Henry Moore sculptures are developing well. 

28th September


We have been learning about the sizes of the Sun, Moon and Earth. The Youtube video below shows how they compare to each other.



Planets' and stars' size comparison

en. Size comparison of Solar System planets, Sun and some stars that are near to us and well known. Video credit, original;

25th September


Why don't you take a look in the new 'Music' folder and listen to the song 'Earth, Space and all that Jazz' ? It will help you to remember some of your science facts!

11th September

We've completed lots of tests this week, started swimming and thought about our values. We have practised saying the 5W 5R rap. Hollie and Niyah have been elected as our school councillors and Ben and Chloe are our new Albany ambassadors. 

Our New Board!

We've got lots of exciting work lined up for this half-term. In English, we'll be starting with poetry and in maths, we'll be developing our knowledge of place value. Our geography topic will be about America and our theme in science is Earth and Space. 


Can you think of any American landmarks?

Do you know who Neil Armstrong is?

The class will be swimming on Monday afternoons with Mrs Goffin and Mr Still.