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Welcome to 4H!


Miss Hyde is our class teacher and there are 28 children in our class. Mr Still helps in our class in the mornings and also teaches us on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Miss Pezzotta also helps us some afternoons.



We have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Children need to attend school in their P.E kits on these days.

This includes:

  • Black/Navy Bottoms
  • White Polo
  • Black/Navy Jacket





We need to know as many of the 100 spellings as possible  by the end of the year as we will get a new set of 100 words in year 5. The 100 words spellings help decide if we meet the end of year 6 writing standards and so they are super important. 

We will send home a list of spellings each Friday for children to learn for the following Friday where we will have a spelling test.


Times tables:


We will have a national multiplication test in the summer term so its very important that we learn all of them.

Our Classroom

Topics we will cover this year


Autumn 1- Egyptians

Autumn 2- South Africa

Spring 1- Mountains

Spring 2- The Mayans

Summer 1- The vikings

Summer 2- The British Isles


Look out for the knowledge organisers and homework grids that come home each half term. This will help you support your child with their topic and the knowledge they should have by the end of the half term. :)