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We are 3G there are 27 children in the class this year

Mrs Goffin the Assistant Head is our class teacher.

There will be 3 part time TA's in the class Mrs Cave, Mrs Searson and Mr Still they will support class teaching and work alongside Mrs Goffin and Ms Woolley to deliver the curriculum. Ms Woolley will teach Thursday afternoons and Fridays.

PE lessons are Tuesdays and Wednesday but the children's PE kits need to be in school everyday in case  we do  any extra! Spelling  tests are Friday mornings and carried out by Ms Woolley. New spellings will then be handed out by Ms Woolley to learn for the following week. Spelling groups will beset up over the first few weeks of  term so keep an eye out for Spellings coming home by the end of September.

Each term intervention groups are set up to support the learning of certain children. They will be run by Mrs Anderson this term in afternoon sessions. We are very mindful that children don't like to miss the same sessions every week and so they will go on a rotation so we can avoid this. 

Mrs Goffin is very much looking forward to the new term and  has prepared the classroom for the children returning on the 5th of September. Remember the children do not need pencil cases or equipment all of this has been provided for them. All they need to return to school with is a PE kit, uniform and a SMILE! :)


If you have 1 or more afternoons a week that you could come and listen to readers in school please let the office know and they will forward your details to Mrs Goffin. Who will then get back to you





Keep an eye out for information about the Christmas performance by the lower school children. We normally send words/songs home to learn over October half  term!

I wonder what theme we go with this year?

Image result for stone age

Image result for stone age

This half term we will be learning about the Stone Age and prehistoric Britain.

 The children will learn about life before history was recorded and how Britain has developed over time. They will understand the role of an archaeologist and how their records have informed what we know about this historical period.  Keep an eye out for the knowledge maps coming home half termly.



The children will be watching Early Man during the first week back  to help their understanding of Prehistoric Britain. This will allow us to discuss any ideas they have and any misconceptions they may as well as providing a fun and exciting entry point to the topic!

Continents and Oceans

Continents and Oceans 1
During the second half term the children will be learning about the World's Continents and Oceans. they will learn how many there are, their names and where they are placed on a world map. They will learn about the creatures that live in the Oceans and key countries that sit in the continents. The reading focus will be an in depth look at Australia. Keep an eye out for the knowledge map coming home after half term!