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Spring Term


We are studying adaptation and interdependence this term.  Initially we will be considering how different species change to deal with different environments, as well as looking at the importance of food chains. It will also include the study of Aristotle, Linnaeus, levels of classification, and micro-organisms. During the second half of Spring Term, we will study plants and the vital elements they need to germinate. In addition, we will looking at fertilisers and how these impact on plant growth and development. 




 Rivers and Oceans.


During the spring term our topic is Rivers and Oceans. Children will understand the journey of a river, the main features and how phenomenon such as drought and flooding can affect the environment both locally, regionally, nationally and global. We will be investigating and researching rivers locally, regionally, nationally and worldwide. In doing so, we will undertake a field study of the River Erewash and carry out a series of measuring and recording techniques. New for this year is also the inclusion of a study of oceans and researching the life and work of David Attenborough.

On Wednesday 31st January 2018, pupils in 6G visited Trent Bridge Cricket Club. During the day we were fortunate to be taught by Graeme Briggs (a very knowledgeable teacher!) who guided us through the history of cricket and that of Nottinghamshire Cricket Club. We were shown photos of the Nottinghamshire Cricket players from as far  back as the 1800's to the present. We had the opportunity to see the ground and pitch, as well as visiting the Peter Wynn-Thomas library, where we were greeted by the man himself! During the afternoon we had a chance to practise our bowling, fielding and batting before a quick game of cricket. The pupils had a thoroughly enjoyable day and represented the school well by demonstrating excellent behaviour.