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Welcome to 4O.


There are 21 children in the class and Miss Ottowell is our teacher. Every morning, we work with Mrs Harfield, Mrs Sherwood and Mr Hudson. Mrs Searson teaches us on Tuesday afternoons and Mrs Jelley works with us during the afternoon.



Our Values - The 5R's

Build positive relationships;

Develop resilience;

Show respect and thought for all;

Are never afraid to take a risk;

Take care and responsibility for themselves and others.



Our topics this year will be:

  • The Ancient Egyptians
  • South Africa
  • Mountains and earthquakes
  • The Mayans
  • The Anglo Saxons and Vikings
  • England

Autumn term




During the first half term, Year 4 will be finding out about the lives and the history of the Ancient Egyptians. We will be writing on papyrus paper, using hieroglyphics just like the Egyptians did! We will be learning about mummification, the River Nile, pyramids and pharaohs and their achievements.


During the second half term, we will learning about the South Africa, focusing on the geography and culture of the country. We will also learn about significant people such as Nelson Mandela and his work during Apartheid.



P.E: 4O have P.E on a Wednesday and Friday.

First half term: Wednesday - cricket. Friday - hockey



Spellings: Words from the Year3/4 spelling list will be set each week and will be tested on a Friday.


Egyptian Day - we enjoyed taking part in a burial ceremony during our Egyptian day. We found out about mummification and the afterlife.

Useful websites

African drumming and dance workshops - we had a brilliant day. During our drumming lesson, we followed different rhythms and performed our final piece. In the afternoon, we sang a traditional African song and added dance moves to it

We made our own African masks too!

We made our own African masks too! 1

Spring term


This term, our topics are 'Mountains and earthquakes' and 'The Mayans.


During our 'Mountains and earthquakes' topic, we will be learning about the structure of the earth and how this causes earthquakes. We will be finding out about different types of mountains and where mountain ranges are located in Europe and worldwide.

Pizza Express visit. 4O enjoyed making their own pizzas and learning about the different ingredients.

During our topic about the Mayans, we will be learning about their way of life, including important aspects of their lives such as astronomy, sculpture and architecture. In DT, we will be making our own temple, based on Mayan designs.


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Science Day - Trees. We investigated how old the trees around school are, measuring the circumference and dividing this by 2.5

Summer term

Y4 parent workshop - we invited our parents and carers to come and work with us, making clay amulets and charms